Bailey’s Bliss Winter Cake


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Indulge in the irresistible decadence of our Bailey’s Bliss Celebration Cake, where each slice is a symphony of flavours and textures carefully crafted to delight your senses.

Sink your teeth into layers of sumptuous Bailey’s white chocolate mousse, embracing a moist sticky date sponge that melts in your mouth. Rich dark chocolate Cremieux adds depth to the experience, while our signature salted caramel sauce drizzle elevates the sweetness with a touch of indulgent luxury.

Every bite is a journey through layers of comfort and sophistication. Treat yourself to the ultimate winter dessert special at Brunetti Classico and experience the magic firsthand.



Indulge in the epitome of winter dessert luxury with our Bailey’s Bliss Celebration Cake, exclusively crafted for those seeking the ultimate comfort food experience during Melbourne’s chilly winter months. At Brunetti Classico, we understand the importance of indulging in decadent treats to warm the soul and brighten even the gloomiest of winter days. That’s why we’ve curated this exquisite creation, designed to transport your taste buds to a realm of pure bliss and delight.

Imagine slicing through layers of luscious Bailey’s white chocolate mousse, delicately embracing a moist and sumptuous sticky date sponge. Each bite is a harmonious blend of flavours and textures, reminiscent of the comforting warmth of winter in Melbourne. But the indulgence doesn’t stop there – our Bailey’s Bliss Celebration Cake is generously adorned with rich dark chocolate Cremieux, adding a luxurious depth of flavour that will leave you craving for more.

To elevate this winter dessert special to new heights of indulgence, we’ve carefully drizzled each slice with our signature salted caramel sauce, creating a perfect balance of sweet and savory notes that dance on your palate.

Whether you’re hosting a winter gathering with loved ones or simply treating yourself to a moment of indulgence, our Bailey’s Bliss Celebration Cake is the perfect centrepiece for any occasion. Each 8-portion cake is expertly crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring that every slice is a symphony of flavour and pleasure.

As you gather around the table with friends and family, let the warmth of our Bailey’s Bliss Celebration Cake envelop you, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Embrace the spirit of winter in Melbourne with Brunetti Classico, your premier destination for exquisite desserts that ignite the senses and nourish the soul. Join us in celebrating the magic of the season with this unforgettable winter dessert special, available exclusively at Brunetti Classico.

Indulge in the decadent delight of our Bailey’s Bliss Celebration Cake, available to order online for delivery within 50km of our Carlton store or for in-store pickup at Carlton, Moonee Ponds, or our new Brunetti Classico Coburg Cake Boutique. Whether you’re cozying up at home or visiting one of our charming locations, this exquisite creation promises to elevate any occasion with its harmonious blend of flavours and luxurious ingredients. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the ultimate winter indulgence with Brunetti Classico’s Bailey’s Bliss Celebration Cake – a true testament to the artistry of dessert making.

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